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Quick and Easy Financing with EnerBank USA
America’s Home Improvement Lender of Choice

It's quick and easy to apply.

Complete your home improvement project now instead of later!

You'll receive a credit decision in seconds.

EnerBank will send you the loan documents for review and signature.

3 Ways to Apply:


Apply by Phone

(866) 405-7600

Apply Online

Apply in person with Anchor Roofing of Florida 

using the EnerBank Mobile App for Contractors

Please have the following information ready:

  • Program phone number: (866) 405-7600 

  • ContractorID: 67505

  • Loan Amount: (Please use amount provided on your Anchor Roofing of Florida Proposal)

  • Loan Code: (See Loan Offers Below)

Loan Options

Learn More About EnerBank USA

About Enerbank
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